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Arizona Gets a New Nursing School!

Aspiring nursing students in Phoenix, Arizona, who have been stymied by long waiting lists at the local nursing schools, now have a new option.

The Chamberlain College of Nursing is opening up a new nursing school starting in March 2008. The new nursing school will be located right next to the DeVry University campus, on West Dunlap Avenue in Phoenix, Arizona.

Like all states, Arizona is facing a shortage of registered nurses. Hospitals in Arizona have a vacancy rate of about 16 percent for their nursing staff, according to a survey done by Arizona State University.

The Chamberlain College of Nursing offers a Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree program. This program traditionally would be a four year program, but they are offering a three-year accelerated program. A Bachelor of Science in Nursing can open more doors - some facilities will only hire nurses with a BSN degree - and can command a higher hourly rate.

Also, for nurses who want to progress into a management position, or to pursue further degrees such as a Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist degree or a Nurse Practitioner Degree, a BSN rather than an Associate's Degree of Nursing will generally be required.

The Chamberlain College of Nursing is also offering a program for Registered Nurses so that they can get their BSN degree in as little as three semesters.

Students who want to attend the open houses in January should check out the Chamberlain nursing school's website. They should get their pertinant information together; school transcripts, GEDs, driver's license or other form of identification.

The nursing shortage in Arizona has one bright side for nursing students: plenty of job opportunities in any kind of nursing facility. And the new nursing school, while not the solution for the state's nursing shortage, will certainly do it's bit to help alleviate it. However, class spots will likely fill up quickly, as they do in all nursing schools these days, so students would be advised to check out this new opportunity quickly.

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